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PPBI attempts to publish four newsletters annually:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

This schedule is modified depending on if the fish are biting, deer season is open, March Madness is underway, college football season is open, snow needs shoveling, or the lawn needs mowing.

We welcome contributions. If you would like to contribute any news article, item of interest, tips, reports of events that you think would be of interest to our readers, just send it to us at:


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file icon PPBI Fall 2009 Newsletterhot!Tooltip 07/29/2009 Hits: 12614
file icon PPBI Spring 2010 Newsletter hot!Tooltip 02/07/2010 Hits: 9344

PPBI, Inc. January 2010 Newsletter.  Content Best Practice Award, Building Relationship Course, Gen Honore, Chairman's Notes, Meta Leadership, External Defibrillator and more.

file icon PPBI Fall 2010 Newsletter hot!Tooltip 09/09/2010 Hits: 7348

PPBI, Inc. September 2010 Newsletter.  Content: Best Practice Award, Brit Weber facilitates exercise, PPBI Course & workshop, new crossword puzzle, BC Darwin Awards, Last Words, News Flash

file icon PPBI Spring 2011 Newsletterhot!Tooltip 03/04/2011 Hits: 7088

PS-Prep, Maturity Model Course, Get-A-Plan, Readiness Quiz, and of course, the answer to both the last newsletter crossword AND our expert puzzle handed out at both DRJ conferences last year.

file icon Spring 2013 Newsletterhot!Tooltip 03/14/2013 Hits: 5131

Here's our newsletter for Spring 2013.  It focuses on leadership from several aspects, including a couple of major articles on identifying yourself as a leader and 12 tips to maintain your edge.  We discuss seriously the horsemeat scandal of Tesco (and take a humorous look at possible tweets on the subject).  We look at a recent ad campaign from Colgate that gives us some insight regarding reliability of eyewitness to a disaster.  ENJOY!

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