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PPBI attempts to publish four newsletters annually:

  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Winter

This schedule is modified depending on if the fish are biting, deer season is open, March Madness is underway, college football season is open, snow needs shoveling, or the lawn needs mowing.

We welcome contributions. If you would like to contribute any news article, item of interest, tips, reports of events that you think would be of interest to our readers, just send it to us at:


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file icon Spring 2015 Newsletterhot!Tooltip 03/18/2015 Hits: 3982

Change is coming to our acclaimed Incident Management Workshop.  We'll look at the changing nature of the tghreats facing us, and suggest how you can change your approach.

We take a look at change from the perspective of the crisis manager and planner.  A couple of articles discuss your role in change and leadership.

Droughts and Flooding are already occuring this Spring.  Are you ready?


file icon Fall 2014 Newsletterhot!Tooltip 09/02/2014 Hits: 4479

"Lessons Learned" is an oxymoron.  We expend a great deal of time and energy writing internal memos about lessons learned from every incident.  The only problem:  We never learn the lessons.  This newsletter focuses on several aspects of lessons learned:  A university with a great example of public sector emergency management and operational business continuity/resilience; flooding lessons around the country (just two months' worth) where history repeats itself; a different approach to risk; the dangers of complacency; another look at the implications of social media; and a poke at a Pulitzer Prize (er, make that the Pullet Surprise).  Enjoy!

Visit us in San Diego.

file icon Spring 2014 Newsletterhot!Tooltip 03/21/2014 Hits: 5230

This issue looks at resilience, the hot topic this year.  We look at a book, factors affecting resilience, both organizationally and personal, with a couple of light-hearted jabs along the way.  Catching on the theme for the DRJ Spring World, we take a glance at the interplay of resilience with risk, and how it affects our planning.  ENJOY

file icon Fall 2013 Newsletterhot!Tooltip 09/10/2013 Hits: 5914

DRJ awarded PPBI Best Practices Award.  New product for your emergency supplies kit.  A Business Continuity Parable.  How gigantic pumpkin horticulture is like your resilience program.  Vendor Management.  Ford and how Your Job has Changed.  When calling trees were good enough.  Enjoy

file icon Spring 2013 Newsletterhot!Tooltip 03/14/2013 Hits: 6021

Here's our newsletter for Spring 2013.  It focuses on leadership from several aspects, including a couple of major articles on identifying yourself as a leader and 12 tips to maintain your edge.  We discuss seriously the horsemeat scandal of Tesco (and take a humorous look at possible tweets on the subject).  We look at a recent ad campaign from Colgate that gives us some insight regarding reliability of eyewitness to a disaster.  ENJOY!

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