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Charles Stokes, CEO CDC Foundation Receives PPBI Best Practices Award

PPBI awarded the 2011 Best Practices Award to the CDC Foundation for their development and presentation of a series of "Meta-Leadership Summits" around the states.  These Summits, lasting a full day, bring together leaders in the public sector, business sector, and non-profit sector in a community, discuss the dynamics of leadership in a community, and then present these leaders with a scenario that has serious continuity and readiness impact for the entire community.

Each of these sectors then develops a list of the things they would need in such a scenario, a list of the things they could contribute in such a scenario, and a list of things they would have to have in place to receive or contribute.  The final hour is a compilation of pledges from each participant of what they will do in the next year to contribute to the overall readiness and preparedness of the community.

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PPBI Board Chairman Deidrich Towne and Board member Ken Schroeder delivered a 1 1/2 hour presentation as guest speakers for the May meeting of BCNet, a group of Bank of America business continuity and disaster recovery planners, who hold a virtual meeting monthly to hear presentations of timely topics.

Mr. Towne and Mr. Schroeder presented a compressed version of the highly acclaimed presentation PPBI delivers at each DRJ conference, and will present again at DRJ Fall World 2011 in San Diego.  They covered the basics of ICS and how it is applied in a private sector organization to control activites during a crisis, followed with an overview of the PPBI Incident Maturity Model.
ICS Org Chart
The presentation included a description of each of the components of a typical ICS organization, and related, in real terms, how a typical organization could apply the functions each component manages.

Mr. Towne and Mr. Schroeder presented many actual examples where the components worked well or failed, to give the attendees a better sense of applicability to their individual organization.

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