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DRJ is Proud to Support
BC Management
12th Annual BCM Compensation Study

Now live through March 15, 2014.

3 Compensation Assessments (below) Accommodating All BCM Professionals

Only study participants will receive a complimentary copy of our world-renowned BCM Compensation Report

BC Management is pleased to announce some exciting changes to our study methodology for 2014.  We've separated our master compensation and program management study into 8 different and unique studies.  The compensation study will be distributed as 3 unique studies customized for permanently employed, independent contractors/ consultants and unemployed professionals.  The program management study will be broken into 5 studies to accommodate more dynamic, timely topics while still accommodating our popular BCM trending assessments.  You can pick and choose your study participation in any of the 8 studies over the next 12 months and as a thank you, receive complimentary findings report for any study you participate in.

Complete any of the studies below by December 26th and receive a complimentary Standard BCM Research Data Report (published 2013) before the New Year.  Here's a sample of this valuable report.

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DRJ Spring World 50th Conference

Join us at the 50th Disaster Recovery Journal conference in Orlando, Florida. Where we will be conducting Workshop Session 5 - Incident Management Planning and Social Media

Our Incident Management Planning course has been updated to include Social Media.  In this highly interactive workshop you will learn how social media can dramatically impact on your incident management plan.  We will also introduce to you the Incident Command System and PPBI’s Incident Management Plan Maturity Model

One of those best practices of a good Incident Command Plan is the handling of communications including social media outlets. If you have not embraced these phenomena, or need some help in building your response plans that include social media, PPBI will share the good, the bad and the ugly of managing this new media. Attendees will go away with an appreciation for recognition of the problem, a considered response, and what effect social media can have on the effectiveness of your plans.

We look forward to seeing you at our booth and workshop.

PPBI Hosts DRJ Mock Disaster PDF Print E-mail

PPBI was selected to host the DRJ Mock Disaster in Fall World 2012 conference in San Diego.

Limited to 200 participants, this exercise will prove really different.  We will be examining the use (and mis-use) of social media during a disaster.  Focusing on Twitter and Facebook, we will look at some of the pitfalls of using these media as internal communications channels, presenting the participants with a challenging scenario specifically designed to encourage thinking about social media as it applies to the office environment.

The scenario will bring a challenge to the participants.  They will be thrown into the use of ICS to manage the crisis.  Part instructional, part practice, part challenging, and all of it guaranteed to be fun.  Most importantly of all, the event will let participants learn from their peers.  Even the new practitioners will find the thought-provoking enviroment exciting.

This will be one session where you can use cell-phones, notebooks, tweeting, facebook--just like in real life.

PPBI Widget Corporation is starting their annual management retreat, motiviational event, and corporate planning session.  It kicks off at 1:30 p.m. on Sunday, Sep 9th.  The surprises start even before the participants enter the meeting hall.  There are only two hundred seats available.  The CEO promises the event will have some real excitement for everyone.

Once you've signed up, we'll be sending out special instructions for following and friending so you are a full participant of the exercise.

2012 Best Practices Award PDF Print E-mail
PPBI Best Practices Award
April 18, 2012

Every year, Private & Public Business, Inc. (PPBI) honors an individual by presenting the PPBI Best Practices Award. The award recognizes those individuals that exemplify superior leadership in furthering the understanding and development of the relation between the public and private sectors in communicating, planning, and developing processes and practices for emergency management and response to critical incidents.

This year’s recipient is Anthony Mangeri, CEM, assistant professor, manager of fire and emergency services initiatives, American Public University System.

Professor Mangeri is a leader in university outreach efforts to extend higher education opportunities to members of the military, business continuity, and emergency management fields. His encouragement as a professor has been demonstrated by his presence at conferences, meetings, and exhibitions across the nation. He has tirelessly supported students, the Epsilon Pi Phi Honor Society, the International Association of Emergency Managers and the International Association of Fire Chiefs, ASIS International and members of all branches of U.S. Armed Forces. His foresight in bringing the AMU message to DRJ is on the cutting edge of bridging the gap between business continuity and emergency management through higher education and service to others.

PPBI recognized Professor Mangeri for his tireless efforts in supporting the education, excellence and best practices as demonstrated by:

Professor Mangeri is on the faculty of the School of Public Service and Health. He has more than 25 years of experience in crisis management and public safety services at federal, state and local levels. He offers extensive experience in crisis management to include, disaster response and recovery operations, hazard and threat reduction and emergency planning.

In addition to teaching at APUS, Professor Mangeri is also a practitioner providing technical expertise and consultation services to public and private sector clients with an emphasis on local, state and federal homeland security matters, emergency services, disaster recovery operations, and governmental affairs.

He has been a volunteer firefighter and emergency medical technician for more than 25 years. He earned the rank of Assistant Chief-Safety Officer, serving as the fire department’s health and safety officer for three years. He remains active as a volunteer firefighter and instructor.

For more than 10 years, Professor Mangeri served as New Jersey’s hazard mitigation officer. He administered the state’s Hazard Mitigation Grant, Flood Mitigation Assistance and the Pre-Disaster Mitigation Programs. During the attacks of September 11, 2001, he served as the Operations Chief at the New Jersey Emergency Operations Center coordinating New Jersey’s response to the attacks on the World Trade Center.

Professor Mangeri earned a Master of Public Administration from Rutgers’s University and is a Certified Public Manager. He is also a certified fire service instructor, Hazardous Materials Technician and completed a Fellowship in Public Health Leadership in Emergency Response sponsored by the Center for Public Health Preparedness at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. Recently, Professor Mangeri was awarded the designation of Certified Emergency Manager by the International Association of Emergency Managers.

Professor Mangeri’s selection was unanimous by the PPBI Board of Directors based upon his outstanding contributions to the field. Professor Mangeri was awarded this honor with a presentation of a plaque at the Disaster Recovery Journal’s Spring World Conference in Orlando on March 27, 2012, by PPBI Chairman Deidrich Towne, Jr. and Dr. Tom Phelan.

In his acceptance, Professor Mangeri said, “I am flattered and humbled. Ever since I was the state hazard mitigation officer, I have always been a strong advocate for public private partnerships. It is the only way that a community can be truly resilient and sustainable in the face of crisis. My faith and family have given me a sense of community. I simply am grateful to have an employer and position that allows me to serve and partner with so many organizations to build awareness of the university and offer support to their missions.”

Kevin Schaller, of Resiliency Partners, LLC, is a security, business continuity, and crisis management consultant and presenter at DRJ conferences. He is a 2010 Masters graduate of the American Public University School of Emergency & Disaster Management.

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