Scott Ream

Scott Ream Scott Ream
Co-Vice Chairperson, PPBI Board of Directors

Virtual Corporation


Mr. Ream co-founded Virtual Corporation in 1994 specifically to assist large, geographically dispersed organizations with implementation of appropriately scaled, sustainable business continuity programs. With his background in information technology and business process re-engineering, Mr. Ream recognized that sustainable business continuity was achievable by placing responsibility for its implementation in the hands of the entire management team similar to how organizations distributed development of their annual financial budgets.


Warner-Lambert Company provided the initial laboratory in which methodology and implementation tools were developed. Beginning in late 1994, Mr. Ream led a team of internal and external resources in building a central business continuity department, training materials, and implementation toolkit that over two years was rolled out to more than 150 affiliates worldwide. From inception, Mr. Ream anticipated that Virtual Corporation would turn control of the sustaining BC support organization over to Warner-Lambert personnel. In mid-1996, that goal was accomplished. Since then Virtual Corporation has applied this adaptable, process-centric methodology and toolkit to other large organizations in diverse industries with similar results – sustainable, practical implementation of enterprise business continuity.


Mr. Ream has written numerous articles on the subject of business continuity planning and is a frequent speaker at industry conferences. In January 2002, Mr. Ream introduced the Business Continuity Maturity Model® based on three years of industry research. This landmark model provides an objective measure of organizational development and staff skill in business continuity implementation and “state-of-preparedness.” Through a cross-industry panel of business continuity practitioners, Mr. Ream continues to refine the Model towards the goal of becoming an organizational certification standard.



Mr. Ream has a Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Electrical Engineering and Entrepreneurial Business Development from the University of Pennsylvania; a combined undergraduate degree from the Moore School of Electrical Engineering and the Wharton School of Business.